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Swedish Consultation responsible for the entire process from demand for knowledge implemented skills exchange.>>

Safe score

Swedish Consultations success based on quality, safety and seriousness.>>


Swedish Consultations employees in Stockholm and Riyadh always provide excellent service to our students, customers and partners.

Swedish Consultation offer adequate service in exchange expertise in knowledge, và ¥ rd and rà ¥ ADVICE. Rt via our head office in Stockholm and a branch in Riyadh à ¤ r we Nà ¤ ra và ¥ ra students, customers and partners in Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Skills exchange focuses on ¥: - that brings together students ¶ ra frà ¥ n the Middle East with ¶ và ¥ ra training partners in the Nordic countries. - to Hjà ¤ LpA patients frà ¥ n the Middle East to ¶ rà ¤ tt ¥ rd medical care in Sweden. - To assist with the Inca ¥ ¶ p of advanced medical equipment frà ¥ n Scandinavia to the Middle ¶ East. - to provide professional rà ¥ d to affà RSMA ¤ ¤ n frà ¥ n the Middle East who want ¶ Gà ¶ ra affà ¤ tors in Sweden. - that through the learning platform seem to get ¶ r expertise exchange between the Nordic countries and the Middle East.