Qualitative caregivers

Swedish Consultation work with qualified health care providers in Sweden.>>

The patient in focus

Swedish Consultations will receive queries from patients with all kinds of diagnoses.


Swedish Consultations qualitative whole thinking about the arrangements, medical care and follow-up to make the patient safe.>>

Swedish Consultations receives few rfrà ¶ ¥ incineration plants frà ¥ n patients with all kinds of diagnoses. We have ¶ sells a carefully-established và ¥ rdprocess which include estimated by a Kuwaiti football player.

Majed, a 21-year-old Kuwaiti national team player in football, needed emergency surgery a torn ligament in his knee. In Swedish Consultations website found Majed details how we communicate health care. Through our good contacts with Sophiahemmet we organized quickly an operation in Stockholm. We also took care of the social arrangements with hotels, taxis, interpreter, special diet and translation of medical records.